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Corporate Canines Take Over Offices

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

If you need one of our recruitment specialists today, we're currently going through a little bit of a staff reshuffling process so there may be some disruption!

It has come to our attention that some of our employees are having difficulty answering very specific FAQs, such as "Which career path will lead me to owning an infinite number of tennis balls", or "How can I find the perfect employee who will give me unlimited treats with just one longing stare?"

Customer service is a vital component of what makes Work Wales so special, and we work diligently to ensure that we have only the best and most qualified individuals on our team to answer all of your burning recruitment questions.

This is why we have decided to bring in the big guns who have quality checked the best tennis balls, and know exactly how to get a treat with just one simple look. These highly intelligent individuals only need payment in the form of scratches and snacks, which is a bonus for us. The only downside is that they are often found napping on the job, or occasionally dribbling when looking at what everyone's got for lunch…

Still, we think you'll love them. There is one small issue, however; they don't speak a word of English!

Introducing our Corporate Canines:


Despite what his mug says, Mum 'was' the boss, isn't that right Billy? Sorry Christina, canines are in and Homo sapiens are so out!

A young whippersnapper full of ideas, when he was approached by a group of suspiciously motionless dogs (you'll meet them next) and asked to be a Co-Director of the new and improved Work Wales, Billy just couldn't say no.

He's still got a lot to learn, starting by not nibbling visitors as soon as they walk through the door, but we think he'll grow into his role just fine and be totally pawsome!

If you want to get on his good side, we've heard that leaving a new toy outside his door works wonders. For now, we'll leave our big business decisions in his perfectly capable, uh, hands?

Tiny, Snoopy, and Peaches

This terrific trio are not to be trifled with! They have banded together to become Co-Directors, replacing former Director, Sophie Benyamin. We're sorry Sophie, but when you turned away a Great Dane who was looking for a team of chihuahuas to be his personal assistants, we just couldn't let that slide!

While it has taken three pooches and twelve legs to replace our two-legged human, look at all of the places we can network now! Just the other day, Tiny was making valuable connections at the dog park, Snoopy was pitching our services to his groomer, and Peaches was working hard on our business strategy.

We can't wait to see what the future holds with these three at the helm!


Having watched his owner, Ryan Jones, hire a few too many humans for his liking, Gryff decided that enough was enough.

Taking over as Business Manager, diversity is at the top of Gryff's priorities when it comes to recruitment for both Work Wales, and our many clients. If you have more than two legs and excess body hair, you're more than welcome at Work Wales HQ!

Unfortunately, if you're still not toilet trained, then we might have to reconsider your application…

Look out, Dyson! Shares in your pet hair hoovers may have just gone up, it looks like we're going to need to buy in bulk!


This temp worker is simply keeping the laptop warm until his real-life Border Collie doppelganger joins the team later this month!

Taking the place of his owner, Kim Simpson, at our Perms desk, McCoy has become a firm favourite among those who call on our recruitment expertise.

The model employee, he is quiet, contemplative, absorbs everything (even spilled coffee), never touches the snack draw, and he's hypoallergenic!

He's not much of a talker, but his listening ear has ensured that many an employer has found their perfect employee! We can only hope that his successor is as attentive and well-behaved as he is, however, we have a feeling that the real McCoy will be a lot more exuberant in true Collie fashion!


Joining McCoy at the Perms desk is our very laid back Beagle, Bertie.

'Working hard or hardly working' is the motto he lives by, but we have decided to keep him on because his silky ears are simply too soft for us to part with.

He loves meeting new people, which made him the perfect replacement for his owner, Sarah (no hard feelings, but Bertie suits the blue light glasses so much better). Perhaps he loves meeting people a bit too much, because whenever someone visits us, they're greeted with a big slobbery kiss.

We've tried teaching him boundaries, but Bertie just has too much love inside his little body!

One quick top tip, under no circumstances should you say the word 'Squirrel' – despite his lapdog exterior, those hunting instincts are well polished!


"Welcome to Work Wales! How may I help you?"

Since our Recruitment & Compliance Officer, Aleksandra, was replaced by her lovely Labrador, Woody, our Google reviews have soared through the roof!

People are loving the enthusiastic welcome they receive when he's at the front desk, even when his tail betrays his excitement and whacks them across the shins.

When he's not excelling at being the friendly face of Work Wales, Woody spends his time selecting resumes and handling payroll. His approach is quite different to Aleksandra's – as soon as he sees 'Enjoys long walks with my dog' on a CV, you can guarantee that person is hired! Woody's only request is that he joins these delightful walks too.

The way we pay our employees has also changed thanks to Woody. Salaries are handed out in the form of kibble, and if you're lucky enough to have a Jumbone on your desk, congratulations; you just been promoted!


Recruitment can be ruff, just ask Keito!

Trying to pair the right employer with the perfect candidate is demanding work, but Keito is very skilled at sniffing out the right people, and who can say no to that face?!

One of the fluffier dogs on our team, he's a firm favourite among visitors, and he cannot resist a small cuddle or butt scratch. This does mean that he is sometimes behind on his work, but he makes up for it by occasionally treating our ears to the magnificent song of his people.

The only downside to this is that the rest of the team join in, and we soon end up with a canine choir! Best sweep those noise complaints under the rug for now…


It's a dog's life for this little sausage! Replacing Scott as Contracts Manager, some other members of the team are whispering that he's bitten off more than he can chew, but don't let his size fool you!

The best things come in small packages, Chester insists, and this small but mighty miniature dachshund will not tolerate any size discrimination. More fool the person who looks at him and dares to utter an 'Aww'; he's perfected the ultimate stink eye and isn't afraid to use it!

Chester maintains that because he's so high-functioning and excellent at his job, he needs frequent power naps underneath his desk to give his brain a break. As Contracts Manager, he has even added a clause in his own contract which states that he requires a minimum of ten naps per day!

There you have it, Work Wales has been infiltrated by corporate canines! We're not entirely sure how successful this business model will be, or for how long we can sustain it, but if anyone can keep a business going on cuteness alone then it's these guys!

Our offices may be a little hairier, and you'll have to ignore the smell of dog (we advise breathing through your mouth), but we're excited to see what the future holds! We're sure it won't have anything to do with their secret meetings or the words 'Dog Domination' that we found scrawled on a whiteboard the other day…

Thank you for your feedback while we work through these teething issues, we woof you!


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