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Recruitment; made easy.

Looking for a rising star? The search stops here. We’re ready and waiting to make the introduction of a lifetime. We’ve already sourced the talent you’ll need for progressive business success and our people-focused approach means we’re confident in our selection. Realise the potential of a powerful partnership and trust Work Wales to deliver on good people, great skills and exceptional performance.   


In it together, because that’s how we work best. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and employers to truly understand the business model. With state-of-the-art recruitment software, intelligent matching tools and more talent than you can wave a stick at, we think we have it covered when it comes to finding your perfect employee! Together, we can do great things, so let’s connect, communicate and collaborate and unlock the door to a world of suitable candidates.

Paired for success.

Industry best.

Specialist sector? Niche market? Whatever you do, however you do it, we’ve got the people you need to power it through. Skilled, experienced, reliable and professional, we guarantee quality, industry best candidates that won’t disappoint!


Transport, Logistics & Driving.

Because life on the road is good…Trust Work Wales to find and deliver the talent we know you’ll want to take with you for the ride.

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Small enough for personal, 
Big enough for professional.


Piece of cake, without the calories.

At work wales, we aim to make the recruitment process as simple as possible. So, let's start right here. From the options below, simply select the statement that best suits your current requirements.

I need to fill a temporary role, quickly!

I'm looking for a superstar to join my growing team on a permanent basis.

I need a high-calibre individual for a specialist or executive role - where confidentiality is key.

I'm looking for an agency to manage my temporary workforce.

I need a specialist for an upcoming, short-term project.

I just need a reliable recruitment partner for various hiring requirements.

Select an option.

Alternatively, select from our list of services below.

What's included?

  • Very fast and responsive service – on demand

  • Requirements filled in as little as 1 hour

  • Flexible working arrangements

  • Reliable and fully vetted workforce

  • Ability to take on permanent after 13 weeks

  • Peace of mind for busy periods in your organisation

  • No prior notice needed, pick up the phone as soon as you need

  • Can be developed in line with your organisations needs

  • Leaving you the time to continue with the priorities of your own role

  • If you like what you see, simply take them on

The benefits.

Temporary Recruitment.

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Compliance Matters.

The wellbeing of our candidates matters. The reputation of your company matters. We are the gurus of the Agency Worker Regulations, and with our guidance and fool proof processes, you’ll be sure to come out on top!

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