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Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston

Perms Recruitment Consultant

Meet Scott, our chatty Perms Recruitment Consultant. Responsible for sourcing candidates, onboarding, and even inducting them on-site, there’s never a dull moment. Splitting his time between the office and meeting candidates at their new job, Scott’s always on the go!

Scott found himself in recruitment shortly after graduating with a BSc in Forensic Science; a move he certainly couldn’t have foreseen prior to the financial crash! As the Forensic Science service got smaller, he quickly broadened his horizons. Following a brief stint in finance, he spent the past decade finding candidates their dream jobs in education and social care. Now, he’s putting his recruitment expertise into practice at Work Wales.

Landing at Work Wales, Scott’s day now involves more cups of tea than he ever thought he was capable of drinking, and a lot more office dancing than he’s entirely comfortable with! Taking everything in his stride, we know there’s nothing he can’t handle.

The fulfilment of helping those looking for work and finding the right role for them has been a breath of fresh air for our Contracts Manager. He’s brought so much experience to the team!

01792 477340

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