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Kim Simpson

Kim Simpson

Perms Recruitment Consultant

If you need long-term commitment from talented professionals, then Kim is the person to support your search. Kim is a credible and knowledgeable recruitment consultant with an impressive 28 years’ experience within the recruitment industry. Kim’s first ventures into the world of recruitment started with secretarial roles before working her way up the career ladder to become a recruitment consultant working at large-scale corporate firms recruiting for positions across the board including, technical, trades, IT, Accounting, senior management, sales and general office roles
Following on from her recruitment consultancy success, Kim transitioned into managerial positions, before eventually starting up her own company, becoming the CEO of her own recruitment agency whilst living and working in South Africa.

In 2020, Kim made the decision to return to the UK and set up home with her husband in sunny South Wales. Excited by the idea of a fresh start, Kim has since settled in and quickly re-established her footing in the world of recruitment.
Today, she is one of Work Wales’ most trusted and respected perms recruitment consultants and supports the business in finding experienced and skilled people for a range of specialist roles.

Responsible for client liaison, posting vacancies on job boards, search activities, liaising with candidates and employers, reviewing CV’s and applications and undertaking interviews, Kim’s diary is always jam-packed with activity.

For Kim, a natural explorer with love abundant for the outdoors, the flexibility and supportive environment at Work Wales, is what keeps her wanting more. Kim has recently taken the Work Wales brand West, “Based in Haverfordwest, we’re focused on providing local employers and candidates with the top calibre service our South Wales clients have enjoyed for the last 13 years. We work as true consultants, understanding our clients’ needs and cultures, with in-depth screening of applicants and skilful matching techniques. We create win-win situations for clients and candidates alike.”

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