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Christina Allen

Christina Allen


A home grown valley girl, developing her career and family life in the Welsh Riviera – the Mumbles. Seeking management roles throughout her career, Christina blossomed in one of her first job roles working at the fast food chain, McDonalds. When a new store opened up in Aberdare, Christina quickly worked her way up to Area Manager and at 17, held responsibilities to run and manage parts of the restaurant.

Working from the age of 14, Christina continued her career growth as she studied her business degree at Swansea University. Recruitment was always an interest to her, and after spotting a consultant post with an international recruitment agency, Christina knew this was her calling to step into the professional world of recruitment; and unbeknown to her at the time, meet her business partner, Miss Sophie Turner. Some would say this was a match made in business heaven, and they would be right – the pair hit it off immediately and after a few years of working together, they quickly accomplished a lifelong dream to set up their own business.

Initially starting out as a trainee recruitment consultant, but very quickly rewarded for her efforts, Christina was promoted to an account manager role, where she often winning branch awards for highest sales and conversions. Christina’s tenacious and passionate drive ensured that the Swansea branch became a success.

Today, Christina is one half of the dynamic duo behind the operations at Work Wales.
She is a strong, independent and confident business leader, and her natural creative flare helps to drive Work Wales in the right direction to grow and develop with the ever changing industry. Christina is most happy when planning and seeking out new opportunities to develop the creation that both Directors grew from nothing.

Now living and working from Dubai, she is always looking to learn new things and expand her understanding of the ever changing recruitment and tech world to stay satisfied. Christina is energized by identifying new ways to solve problems and have the ability to instigate wide-scale change through her “outside the box” thinking.

Her passion for both recruitment and community are evident as every day she helps people to thrive in their job role, and using the Work Wales platform, supports charities such as Kids Cancer charity, Maggies, and Matt’s café - all efforts are searchable using the hashtag #workwalesgiving.

01792 477340

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