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Aleksandra Zadroga

Aleksandra Zadroga

Account Manager

Meet Aleksandra, our friendly and lively Account Manager, responsible for supporting with the overall management of some of our larger projects at Work Wales. Throughout any average working day, Aleksandra’s office duties will generally include selecting resumes, reviewing and interviewing potential candidates, taking phone enquiries, handling payroll and updating administrating systems.

Aleksandra found herself within the recruitment industry following an extensive background of study at Swansea University, where her passion for cultures and people saw her achieve an undergraduate degree in International Relations. To further fuel her fire for learning, Aleksandra then went on to complete her Master’s in Human Rights. As we know, university funding doesn’t come cheap, and to fund her education, Aleksandra also committed to a part-time role waitressing, where she quickly impressed her customers and superiors so much, she swiftly stepped into more managerial roles.

It was this transition that opened the door to future opportunity, as Aleksandra realised her potential for bigger things. Appreciating she had a natural ability to lead a team and look after the well-being and organisation of staff, Aleksandra also become fond of the administrative duties she was responsible for as a Restaurant Manager, and her love for organisation has positively influenced the Work Wales team. Following her promotion and completion of the REC course for Law and Compliance, we know our policies and procedures are all in safe hands, with Aleksandra spearheading our admin department.

But for Aleksandra herself, it is the knowing she’s doing good things for good people that keeps her truly fulfilled at work. “I really enjoy my career at Work Wales, it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It’s incredible to come in each day and know that I can make a real difference to the lives of good people. Whatever the future holds, I know I’ve found my happy place in recruitment.” – Aleksandra.

01792 477340

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