Work Wales and Work Ways working together

When Lynda Lewis signed up to Workways she faced a number of obstacles in finding a job. She needed part-time work so she could look after her grandchildren, she needed to develop her interview skills and she wanted to work as close to the city centre as possible as transport was an issue.

Lynda attended a number of job search sessions whilst working with her mentor, Gemma, but was unsuccessful in finding a job. This led to Workways arranging an interview for her at Work Wales, a recruitment company based in Swansea City Centre. The directors, Sophie Turner and Christina Adams were so impressed with Lynda that they offered her a Temporary Job Opportunity (TJO) to start as soon as possible.

I am pleased I have proved myself enough to be employed by Work Wales. The Workways team have encouraged, supported and guided me through the last few months. Sam, my Employment Liaison Officer, has given me support throughout my placement and has always been available if I needed her. Gemma, my mentor, was also really helpful & encouraging at our meetings prior to my employment. Lynda Lewis

In the first week of her placement, Workways organised for Lynda to attend specialist training in VDQ, the computer package used by Work Wales. This ensured she got off to a flying start. During her TJO, Lynda continued to be trained in a number of aspects of the business. As a result, she was soon working at a fast pace with a variety of customers and employers, and was offered further employment with Work Wales at the end of her TJO.

Sophie Turner of Work Wales said Lynda has grown massively in confidence and ability over the past few months. We are so pleased with her commitment and support that we have offered her a temporary contract.