Sales, Marketing & Contact Centres

industry-icons-sales.pngWhen recruiting for roles in sales, marketing and contact centres, businesses need to make sure they are hiring smartly and efficiently. This is because these customer-facing employees are critical to the success of any organisation and the wrong person, in the wrong role can have detrimental effect on the company’s reputation.

What’s more, there are certain qualities that employees working in a sales or phone-centric environment need. This is to remain calm under pressure and be totally sales minded.

Sadly, many organisations have found that people recruited for sales or call centre roles are not always dependable and experience high turnover rates.

Well, if you choose to work with Work Wales, we can change all that. As we have an extensive pool of temporary workers, we are usually able to find the right person for the role, without you having to make a long term commitment. By using temporary staff to fill these roles in the short term allows you to assess the employee’s abilities and can result in you finding a permanent candidate. Similarly, for our candidates, they get the opportunity to see how they get on in a sales or call centre role with the possibility of long term employment.

For senior roles, like other industry sectors that we support, we have a database of candidates seeking permanent employment from across the UK, including specialist sales and marketing professionals.

We routinely provide temporary and permanent candidates to a variety of sales and marketing roles:

  • Account Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Telesales Staff
  • B2B Sales Executives
  • Field Sales Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Analysts
  • PR Specialists
  • Web / E-marketing Specialists
  • Business Development Professionals

Work Wales – Providing passionate and driven sales and marketing candidates.