Inventor Bespoke Package

Would you benefit from a service that can be modified with maximum flexibility to suit your company's needs?

Would you benefit from a comprehensive specification list that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements?

Would having a business on board that can rapidly change their Terms & Conditions to suit your specific requests be beneficial?

What does this package include?

  • The package is designed to meet your requirements and function to match the way you wish to operate.
  • A bespoke package is created to your specification it can do whatever you want it to.
  • It could help solve an existing recruitment issue or used to introduce a new recruitment process
  • You may want elements of the Sprinter and the Commander package – that’s fine the Inventor can amalgamate the two! 


What are the benefits?

  • It’s completely flexible so it can be changed as your business changes or altered to further improve its performance.
  • A bespoke service is inherently intuitive, as it has been designed for you, and so easier for your staff to use and get the most from.
  • You’ll have a consultant guide you through the whole process tailoring the recruitment process to your business
  • We put the decisions and choices in your hands – you dictate to us!