Christina Allen

Christina Allen


A home grown valley girl developing her career and family life in the Welsh Rivera - the Mumbles. Seeking management roles throughout her career Christina blossomed in one of her first job roles working in the fast food chain McDonalds, the new store opened in Aberdare where Christina quickly worked her way up to a floor manager and at 17 held responsibility’s to run and manage areas of the restaurant. 

Christina worked from the age of 14 and throughout her business degree in Swansea University. Recruitment was an interest throughout the early and education years and after spotting a consultant post with an international recruitment agency Christina knew this was her calling to step into the professional world of recruitment and unbeknown at the time meet her business partner to be – Miss Sophie Turner. Some will say this was a match made in business heaven, and they were right, the pair hit it off immediately and after working together for a few years the pair developed their lifelong dream – to set up their own business. 

Christina is a strong, independent and confident business leader and her natural creative flare helps to drive Work Wales in the right direction to grow and develop with the ever changing industry. Christina is most happy when planning and seeking out new opportunities to develop the creation that both Directors grew from nothing.

Team Member Questions:

  • What do you do when you’re not in work

    For many years this used to be ‘work’! However the last 2 years I have been occupied with the newest baby (Work Wales being my first born haha) my Son Ethan who keeps us on our toes. I enjoy family life, I am lucky to have such a close and loving family where we all love to spend time with each other – usually at the park, beach or heading off on mini breaks to enjoy some quality time.
  • What is your favourite film

    I can’t pigeon hole this! I love too many – I grew up with the classics from Bed Knobs and Broomsticks – to Annie, Goonies, Dirty Dancing and Grease – most recently I love series and making my way through them - I’m definitely not a fan of horrors or anything scary – I like to fill my mind with happiness and fun! Haha
  • What is your favourite holiday

    Again I have a few, I love mini breaks getting to see the sights and sounds of other city cultures, I crave for a beach holiday, total relaxation after a crazy life in recruitment, but more recently breaks for my son like Disney or Bluestone are high on the agenda.
  • Why do you love recruitment

    Working directly as a consultant, I loved the madness, the intensity and how trying to keep so many people happy at once can be almost impossible but this challenge is what drives me – I work best under a bit of pressure and love the highs and lows, hunting out work for people against tough competition is difficult but so rewarding when you make the placement. The business has developed over the years and with a team of 7 I love to see how consultants work this way, mentoring and supporting them in their everyday work and running a successful business and all the highs and lows that come with it makes me so proud. I love going to work!
  • How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

    Professional, Personable and Passionate!
  • Biggest achievement

    Professionally of course it has to be Work Wales – working with Sophie to develop a business that nobody knew or heard of to now turning over millions and supplying thousands over the years into work every day. Winning awards, being one of the most recognisable agency’s within West Glamorgan and hiring some of the best consultants Swansea has to offer has to be pinnacle of my working career. Personally of course it is having my son Ethan who is a perfect little human being and is soon to be a big brother.