Why is working with Work Wales so great?

Our candidates are always telling us that we're great. When we asked them why they said it was because:

  • We work in partnership with some of the most reputable employers in Swansea and the surrounding area. This means we are able to deliver a pro-active, local service which is what most of the candidates who come to us are looking for.
  • Our rates of pay are very competitive, another important factor for anyone looking for secure employment. 
  • Our employers expect a consistently high standard of both candidates and the service we deliver. So we in turn offer this same professional level of support to everyone who signs up with us. Our office doors are always open for any help or support in matching job search requirements to current or future vacancies.
  • Our job matching software is second to none, delivering tangible benefits to all our employees. We also advertise on the top UK job websites which is particularly successful for candidates looking for work in the professional services sector.
  • We have access to a wide range of job opportunities on a daily basis by working in close partnership with local organisations such as Job Centre Plus and we have built up an active network of local job centre advisors in the area.
  • As we are independent, we have the flexibility and desire to spend as much time as possible getting to know our candidates to understand exactly what they are looking for.

So we're guessing that these reasons, along with our practice of ensuring that we always match the right candidates to the best jobs, is why our candidates rate our service so highly and are always ready to recommend us.

sign-circle.pngMaking a move on your career

Whatever your job search requirements, we know that the Work Wales team can help you make the right move! We believe in investing in relationships rather than sales targets, working to achieve perfect job matches and not blurry mis-matches.

As an independent agency, we offer our candidates more flexibility than many corporate organisations. This means that you can choose your work hours to suit your lifestyle. Whether you have child care or study commitments or if you prefer to work less hours across a variety of locations, then we can offer you a choice of temporary or part-time contracts.

Many candidates find that temporary contracts are a great way to build up work experience before deciding on a career path.  

Our temporary contracts vary from a few hours to a few years, with many candidates finding permanent work from what was initially a temporary contract of a few hours work.

If you want your work to be flexible or even occasional then that suits us too.

The Work Wales team has an unprecedented reputation for matching the right candidates to the right vacancy at the right time.  

This effective matching process is highly successful as our specialist consultants take the time to understand every candidate’s work history, skills and career objectives.

We are able to offer our candidates a variety of permanent positions in local, national and international organisations across a host of industry sectors and according to career development needs and relevant experience.

We'd love you to send us your CV today and leave the rest to us.